"I'm Looking For A Few More Of My
Truly Amazing Clients"
If That's You... I'll Personally Work With You To Help You Add A Minimum Of 
One £Million To Your Business In The Next 12 Months And Double Your Sales & Profits
Sir Clive Woodward
"The Success Blueprint"
"In my experience , when you combine multiple high-performance tactics as Steve has done here, that's when you start to see positive changes in growing your business."
Watch this case study on what's possible...
PLEASE NOTE: This video is 13 minutes long, but you'll find it inspirational. Please watch it before applying...
The MILLION+ PROGRAMME Helps You Find The 'Gold' & Profit In Your Business
If you get accepted onto the MILLION+ Programme here's how it works...
  •  STEP #1: FORMULA SYSTEMS DAY: First, you'll spend the day with me and my team of experts at our luxurious training venue - Mottram Hall Golf & Spa Hotel in Cheshire, England. 
Our training venue - the stunning Mottram Hall Golf & Spa Hotel, Cheshire, England
One of the group sessions led by Steve during the 'Formula System Workshop'
Take time to relax before dinner in the spa or indulge yourself with a few treatments
  •  STEP #2: YOUR SYSTEMS MAPPED OUT: During our time together at Mottram Hall, we will create your entire business growth system, completely tailored to you. We’ll re-create “THE FORMULA (my proven business building system) for YOUR business. We'll then build your 'Lead Generation', 'Conversion' and 'Maximising Customer Value' SYSTEMS. This day will be unlike anything you've ever experienced before and will live long in the memory. You'll leave with a BLUEPRINT of your entire business growth system. 
The early stages of your 'Roadmap' created during the 'FORMULA Systems Workshop' with Steve and his team. You’ll leave with your entire growth system mapped out before you, ready to wreak havoc on your competition! This is the framework that will ensure your success.
  •  STEP #3: WE CREATE ALL THE TACTICS & STRATEGIES FOR YOU: Once we have installed THE FORMULA blueprint into your business, we then jointly prioritise which tactics and strategies to apply (the low hanging fruit, the ones that will have an immediate impact). We then create each tactic or strategy in turn. All you have to do is actually implement them into your business. Obviously, as we’ll be working together with you personally, YOU are in full control. The difference being, YOU don’t have to spend days on end trying to create successful sales and marketing strategies yourself. (NOTE: 85% of the tactics and strategies we use are FREE or cost very little. Those that do cost (such as Google AdWords or Direct Mail, for instance), will be done by testing small (minimal cost) and only advise you to roll out once proven.)
( T × L × C × M )S
THE FORMULA'... Once installed, your business will quickly experience significant increases in leads, sales and profit.
  •  STEP #4: TEST, MEASURE & IMPROVE: Each tactic or strategy we create and you apply, will have an immediate effect on either getting more leads, converting more leads into clients, customers or patients or maximising sales and profits from new and existing customers. We scale results by testing and then on your approval we roll out to increase results further. This whole process isn't rocket science, but it is a science and THE FORMULA enables us to scale your results to unprecedented levels because of how the 3 business growth systems combine. Conventional wisdom thinks that the 3 systems work like this: 3 + 3 + 3 = 9... what actually happens is this 3 x 3 x 3 = 27. 
How We Engage With You 
To Ensure YOUR Success
First, this is a completely DONE-FOR-YOU Programme

Which means that once we nail your business growth systems and blueprint during your day at Mottram Hall, we then begin creating each one of your tactics and strategies ready for you to apply.
Second, every 2 weeks you'll meet on Skype with your designated Business Growth Expert (one of my team of experienced and highly accomplished experts). During these meetings you'll be providing relevant information to your Business Growth Expert enabling him or her to produce each tactic or strategy in harmony with your business to ensure optimal results. You are also free to call and email them at any time (normal business hours) during each week.
Third, you'll be able to send in weekly videos to ask me questions and I'll reply in video PERSONALLY with my answers. Your questions can be on anything to do with growing your business and your own personal development.  
Fourth, I PERSONALLY work with my team to ensure EVERY tactic and strategy we create for you is the best it can possibly be, prior to you implementing it in your business. After all, two heads are better than one - right? This stage is arguably the most important!
And fifth, every 6 months you’ll be invited to our members only PRIVATE events to rub shoulders with other successful business owners and entrepreneurs from around the world. The events provide us with an opportunity to work closely on your business with small 'mastermind' groups, further accelerating your growth.
Although we know that adding an extra MILLION in sales and profits to your business is more than achievable, my absolute minimum goal, is to provide you with a 10 fold return on your investment during the first 12 months. 

You see we know that THE FORMULA works and we know that with my help and the right mindset of those who qualify for the MILLION+ Programme, we CAN succeed and add that extra MILLION.
A Word Of Warning...
The MILLION+ Programme is for ambitious business owners who aren't afraid (yes afraid) of quickly scaling their business and achieving results in the next 12 months that surpass all others. 

It is for action takers. People with an open mind. If you are not prepared for growth, have doubts about what you can achieve or cannot afford to invest in the Programme for at least 12 months, then THIS IS NOT FOR YOU. 

However, if you’re driven to succeed and are willing to take advice, then we will welcome you unto my Programme with open arms.
Membership Criteria...
As I said, we don't accept everyone. We are looking for people who have the drive, desire and ambition to build better more successful businesses. In short, we want people like us from all corners of the globe!

Positive people. People who don't make excuses. 

People who don't blame others for their mistakes or failures.

People who are excited by their business and want to see it flourish.

People who stay the course and don't give up easily.

People who know that 1+1 CAN = 3! We can't help you unless you GENUINELY want to be helped.

Make no mistake... this is a world-class programme that demands action takers. I don't want anyone in the programme that has a fear of implementation. A fear of change. 

Our approach is of course 'consultative' with you but if you're going to question everything we do and not trust our expertise, we don't want you.
If you're interested in joining the MILLION+ Programme,
here's what you need to do next...
At the bottom of this page is a blue button. Simply click it to start the application process.

The entire process of application is free and will only take you about 10 minutes to complete.

We ask a few basic questions to get to know you a little better (what makes you tick!).

Please take time to answer each question thoroughly. I personally review ALL applications.

If you pass the application process we will call you to arrange a phone interview between you and the Director of the MILLION+ Programme. 

If you are approved we'll welcome you into the MILLION+ Programme and we'll schedule your 'FORMULA Systems Workshop' at Mottram hall Hotel Golf & Spa so we can start working on your business.
One last thing...
the difference between 'cost' and 'return'
Members of the MILLION+ Programme join with the mindset that it is an investment, not a cost. Our minimum target is to ensure you generate 10X your investment, which of course means your membership in the Programme will give you a return far greater than probably anything you've ever done before. 

In all seriousness, within 4 weeks of your 'FORMULA Systems Workshop' you should have already made a return on your investment. That's the power of THE FORMULA and the work we do for you. 

Furthermore, we increase the investment of the programme regularly. It's now 60% higher than 6 months ago, so the sooner you apply the sooner you lock-in the current investment in the programme. To get started simply click on the button below...
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